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Wine Aerator VS Decanter

During the fermentation, grapes are processing air while water is producing wine. Winemakers then keep the wine in large containers to age. If they bottle the wine too early, that indicates tannin did not disappear fully. In that case, you should practice an aerating process. It is a pretty common thing, be sure of that.

Every sommelier who is serious about his business is using one of these. Aerating wine is necessary for the flavor, it gets its full character and become less bitter. During this process, wine mixes with oxygen, that leads to a full release of essences. There are two ways to achieve this, through an aerator or a decanter.

Wine Aerator

Wine Aerator provides the full taste of the wine. When you expose wine to air, it triggers oxidation and evaporation of tannin. A simple way for aeration is to roll a glass of wine before drinking. Also, wine aerator can fix on the bottle, and you can enjoy in your glass quickly after.

Aeration is reducing high levels of carbon dioxide. With different types of aerators, they all have the same purpose, to provide more flavorsome wine in a shorter time. You can choose from many different kinds of aerators available on the market.


Decanter, with its different shapes and design, has a purpose to aerate the wine with the process of decantation. Usually, people pour the wine into a decanter before consuming. They do that so the wine could oxidize for some time. We know what the result is, tastier wine and its improved quality.

The key to this situation is filtering all the sediments from wine. You should place the bottle in standing position, so the sediment could accumulate at the bottom. The bottle should be in that position for about hours. Then you can look for the sediment, with a flashlight for example. Decanting is usually done with red wine; a very little percent of white wines can be subjected to this process.

Differences Between Aerators and Decanters

Both of these ways have the same goal. Their goal is to make wine tastier and more aromatic. They are doing it the same way. Although, using aerators will give you more advantages than decanters. Firstly, aerating wine with an aerator is much faster than with decanter. Also, you don`t need to place the bottle straight for 24 hours, as you would need with a decanter.

The sediments are removing in the process of aerating with aerators. And the third advantage is, you don`t need to pour half a bottle into an aerator so you could aerate it, like with decanter. The aerator can aerate smaller quantities of wine. Improving the taste of low-quality wine can save you money. Do you agree with us?

The Last Thought

Aerating the wine is necessary if you want to make a lesser quality wine more aromatic and tastier. This process makes wine less bitter, and more delicious. Mostly, white wines shouldn`t undergo this process it is pretty much reserved for red ones.

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