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Waterpik Water Flosser Troubleshooting

waterpik water flosser troubleshooting

In recent years, water flosser helped countless people preserve their dental health. This is particularly the case for those people who need something more than toothbrushes or dental flosses. For example, people who wear braces. They are pretty popular nowadays. But like any other device, it can malfunction sometimes. However, you can fix it quickly.

It doesn`t require maintaining, so you can do it by yourself, at your home. Now, we are going to name this issues that could potentially emerge. You will have your water flosser up and working on short notice. Do you have a problem with your water flosser? Visit for a complete list of best Waterpik flossers as well as other oral irrigators that are known to have less technical issues.

What are General Water Flosser Problems?

If you don`t clean your water flosser regularly or you are using with high water pressure, something is bound to go wrong. You need to clean it almost on a daily basis. Draining the remaining water after using it is a must. Taking good care of your water flosser is the best prevention for any protentional problems.

Water Flosser is Noisy

There is no need to talk about why this is a problem. Unfortunately, the only way you can fix this issue is by buying a quieter model of water flosser.

Water Flosser is Leaking

This issue is probably the most common one. Source of this problem can be damaged or disconnected tank, hose or a pipe. You can fix it by using a reservoir valve. If you didn`t get it, you need to buy one. You need to make sure it is put on the right side.

Low Pressure

Every water flosser comes with a set of pressure levels. When you notice that the highest level is weaker than usual, you know you have this problem. That usually means there is some kind of barrier inside the device. The best thing you can do is cleaning your water flosser regularly.

Mineral Deposits and Mold

If you are filling the tank with hard water, it is a possibility of mold and minerals pilling up. You can fix this issue by cleaning your flosser on a regular basis. Also, sometimes you need to fill your tank with warm water. That way you will prevent bacteria in your tank and pipe.

Water Flosser Doesn`t Work

Of course, like with any electronic device, water flosser can sometimes malfunction. In that case, you need to call the company. Water flosser can stop working because of a plethora of other reasons. The tip could be broken. You should replace it once a year in order for it to stay working. In cases of part broken, lost or something else, you need to call the manufacturer.


Water flosser is an important part of your dental health. The bacteria and grime can get piled-up throughout time, which can cause you serious dental problems. It is more effective than a toothbrushes and dental flosses. If you maintain your flosser regularly you will not have any problems. Keep your teeth healthy!

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