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Types of Coffee Beans

Coffee gives us the drive and energy for an all-nighter, which has become the major reason that most people prefer to drink coffee. Coffee has caffeine, it can diminish the adenosine level of the brain. Thus, stimulating the senses of the body. The effects of caffeine are the reason why most people drink coffee.

The bean is an important factor of coffee. There are three varieties of coffee beans, these are:

  • Coffee Arabica
  • Coffee robusta, or also known as Coffea canephora
  • and the blended types

The coffee arabica has a higher quality than the coffee robusta. Meanwhile, the blended beans are combined to complement. The taste of coffee arabica is soft and sweet, while the coffee robusta has a strong and harsh taste. Thus, the robusta has more amount of caffeine than the Arabica.

The coffee Arabica is mostly cultivated in the regions of Latin America, while the coffee robusta is cultivated in the regions of Indonesia and Africa, which makes the coffee robusta easier to cultivate and less vulnerable to weather conditions.

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