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Food Trends

Through the years, the trend of food and drinks have evolved and has reflected so much change in the attitudes that it contributes to the community, environment and the health of a person.

The cuisines that are on trend this year include Peruvian cuisine, Filipino cuisine, and Middle Eastern cuisine. Food reports have claimed that Jollibee, the well-known fast food chain of the Philippines, and the purple yam or ube yam that is native to the Philippines are the favorite food. More so, the Middle Eastern is known for its ingredients and spices.

This year, the top food on the trend are the healthiest. Plant-based foods are highly encouraged to be included and practiced in our diet. Veganism has risen to the top, there are more meat-free meals. More of being health conscious, some people consume nootropics. Nootropics are food for the brain, which has come to trend because of the benefits it has to our health.

The huge shift of the food trend has affected the approach of the people on what to serve. This food trend may come and go, but there are cooking styles and recipes that never goes out of style.

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