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Choosing the Best Single Serve Coffee Maker

best single serve coffee maker

Don’t we love coffee makers? I wouldn’t imagine brewing coffee without one. Whether at home or even at work, you’ll in one way or another require a refreshment. Chances of you making a choice of a cup of coffee are very high as its one of the most readily available drinks.

In whichever way you like the coffee, you’ll be forced to rush into a nearby coffee shop to grab a cup of one. This, of course, comes with a cost. You have to acquire a single serve coffee maker. This is ideal when on a constrained budget.

Single Serve Coffee Maker Size

The experts at Coffee Dorks always advise checking the size of the single cup coffee brewer. No one would want to have a machine that takes up all the space in the house or at the office. It’s therefore important to pick a machine that will suit the space that you have planned for it.

Those coffee brewers with a lot of features will definitely take up more of your space. If your personal preference is that simple coffee machine, then just a little space will be enough for you. For those people who prefer the machines with lots of features, they will definitely have to prepare more space.


The features and the functions are a key factor. Take your time to read the user manual of any machine that you select and think might be the one you like. If you’re searching in a store, consult with the specialist about the functions of the coffee machine.

It would be important to look at the machines pressure pump so as to avoid any over-extraction risks. Remember to check the boilerplate as it’s the component that heats the water coming from the valve. For the single cup coffee brewer, choose the one with a steel, aluminum or a brass boiler.

Brand Name

Choose your machine from a well-known brand. By obtaining your machine from a reputable brand, you’re definitely assured of the best quality of the machine. Check the coffee machine with the highest number of consumer ratings.

Remember to choose a machine from a company that offers the best warranty deals just in case the machine starts misbehaving. It would be very important to make sure that the company you choose to buy from has well spread technical support so as to easy maintenance.

Maintenance Costs

Get a machine that is easy to maintain. In this case, it’s advisable to go for a simple machine with just a few simple features which give you a lesser number of parts to maintain or repair in case of problems. Simple machines are also easy to wash up because of the few parts they have.


It’s true that you get what you pay for. But this is no excuse to be overcharged. You will often find out that the best pod coffee makers aren’t pricey. How’s this possible.

Top shelf products are often fastmoving and manufacturers break even after selling numerous units. Look at several of them before making a purchase decision. I doubt you will ever use all the features. Stick to the essentials.

Types of Coffee Beans

Coffee gives us the drive and energy for an all-nighter, which has become the major reason that most people prefer to drink coffee. Coffee has caffeine, it can diminish the adenosine level of the brain. Thus, stimulating the senses of the body. The effects of caffeine are the reason why most people drink coffee.

The bean is an important factor of coffee. There are three varieties of coffee beans, these are:

  • Coffee Arabica
  • Coffee robusta, or also known as Coffea canephora
  • and the blended types

The coffee arabica has a higher quality than the coffee robusta. Meanwhile, the blended beans are combined to complement. The taste of coffee arabica is soft and sweet, while the coffee robusta has a strong and harsh taste. Thus, the robusta has more amount of caffeine than the Arabica.

The coffee Arabica is mostly cultivated in the regions of Latin America, while the coffee robusta is cultivated in the regions of Indonesia and Africa, which makes the coffee robusta easier to cultivate and less vulnerable to weather conditions.

Food Trends

Through the years, the trend of food and drinks have evolved and has reflected so much change in the attitudes that it contributes to the community, environment and the health of a person.

The cuisines that are on trend this year include Peruvian cuisine, Filipino cuisine, and Middle Eastern cuisine. Food reports have claimed that Jollibee, the well-known fast food chain of the Philippines, and the purple yam or ube yam that is native to the Philippines are the favorite food. More so, the Middle Eastern is known for its ingredients and spices.

This year, the top food on the trend are the healthiest. Plant-based foods are highly encouraged to be included and practiced in our diet. Veganism has risen to the top, there are more meat-free meals. More of being health conscious, some people consume nootropics. Nootropics are food for the brain, which has come to trend because of the benefits it has to our health.

The huge shift of the food trend has affected the approach of the people on what to serve. This food trend may come and go, but there are cooking styles and recipes that never goes out of style.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Coffee Intake

Advantages of Coffee Intake

  1. Coffee can give you more energy and it can enhance your intelligence. This is because coffee has caffeine that is a very well-known psychoactive substance. After drinking coffee your bloodstream absorbs the caffeine which goes directly to the brain. The inhibitory neurotransmitter, adenosine is blocked by caffeine, which results to the increase of norepinephrine and dopamine levels in the brain.
  2. Coffee can make you happier and helps you avoid depression. Depression case is rapidly increasing today, and this disease is very serious that it may cause you your life. A study says that drinking coffee can lessen the chances that you will get depressed.
  3. A study says that coffee can lessen that chance of some types of cancers, as we all know cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in the world. Coffee can lower the risk of two kinds of cancer which is the liver cancer and colorectal cancer.
  4. It can improve your performance both mentally and physically. A study shows that the nervous system is stimulated by caffeine which may result to break down the body fat, this results in more fuel in the body.
  5. It can help you lose weight. There are many fat burning supplements out there on the market but very few of them are natural and most likely most of them does not effect. A study shows that caffeine increases your body’s metabolic system that helps you burn fat faster.
  6. It helps you recover faster from body pain. For some people who are engaged in working out coffee is the best natural pain reliever it is said that 2 cups of coffee can take away half of the pain you feel.
  7. Coffee can lower the chances of you getting type two diabetes, it is because caffeine decreases the insulin sensitivity and impairs glucose tolerance which can reduce the chances of type two diabetes.
  8. It improves your mental awareness.
  9. Coffee can lessen the chances of stroke.

Disadvantages of Coffee Intake

  1. Coffee can cause ulcer, caffeine and some acids found in coffee beans can cause irritation to your stomach and your small intestine.
  2. Too much coffee intake can cause heartburn, it can lead to the relaxation of the lower esophageal sphincter. The lower esophageal sphincter is for the muscles to be tightly closed to prevent the stomach contents back flow to the esophagus, which the hydrochloric acid burns the linings of the esophagus.
  3. It can cause stress and tension when you drink too much. It will release stress hormones cortisol,epinephrine and norepinephrine, these chemicals will increase your body`s tension and blood pressure.

Coffee can increase the hydrochloric acid in our stomach. When drinking coffee without food, it can stimulate the production of hydrochloric acid. The purpose of hydrochloric acid is to digest meals. However, if there is an increase in hydrochloric acid production, it might be difficult to digest a large meal.